Love of books 10:17 AM

We stop in a DC bookstore as we wait for show time. Friends and their daughter invited my daughter and me to see "Ballerina."
My daughter runs to me as we stand in line at the book store cafe waiting for our coffee.

"Do you have any money?"
"Look!" she says and excitedly thrusts a book in my direct. It is the 3rd in the 39 Clues series. This is a book she has been waiting to see since she finished number 2 days after it was released.
"can we get it?"
I carefully consider the time and the coffee that I have yet to order - or even drink. "Of course."
She runs back to the children's section while I sit and discuss the state of the union with friends. Soon it is time to go.
My daughter appears, no book in hand.
"Where's the book?"
"You mean I can have it???"
"Yes, go get it, but can you see if they have Adios Oscar? We can get that one too."
She runs back to the section, grabs her book, asks the question as to where she can find Adios Oscar, and returns, embracing the 39 Clues book, to tell me that it will not be released until later this month.
"We'll meet you downstairs," I tell my friends. The two girls and I set off to find the register to add to our ever growing book collection.

3 Thoughts:

Kelly Sandborn said...

You beautifully recreated a slice of your day. I felt your daughter's excitement. It's hard to say no to buying books. I'm off to check out the series.

Becky said...

Family, friends, books and coffee...some of the best in life!

GirlGriot said...

Few things are more fabulous than hearing about a child who gets excited about getting a new book! I loved your slice!