A Taste of Spring 8:41 PM

The glass store stands open with the breeze blowing through the screen. Spring appears to have arrived; or, at least, we are getting a taste of spring on this gorgeous March day.

My daughter sits in her green slider relaxing and mentally preparing for the day that stretches ahead.

“I’m cold,” she says despite the warm temperatures and the mild air. She calls to the cat to cuddle with her.

“Phoenix. P hoenix, come here buddy. Phoenix!”

The giant orange and white cat lies 5 feet away. He hears her but he has more important things to do right now. He stretches on the carpet before the window in his patch of sun. He then wiggles on his back, rolls from side to side, and twists to his heart's content. Even the cat is enjoying each moment of this gorgeous day.

1 Thoughts:

Burley Fifth Grade said...

I love your description of that cat at the end! So true to life.