To the Beach 1:11 PM

Following our visit to St. Louis, we started making our way home where we spent time rock climbing, attending concerts, seeing Mama Mia, and relaxing in preparation for our next trip... to the Beach!

We appear to making a few days at the beach a summer tradition. We pack our bags, grab a few blankets and chairs, and off we go.

The beach is a national park with no parties, no drinking, and fewer than average numbers of people. There is no boardwalk nor is there any commercialization at all. It is just sand, surf, people, and lifeguard stands. It is just about fun in the sun. For all of these reasons, this is our favorite beach!

This year, the water was a bit cold, or so it felt. In the past, the heat and humidity have ruled the day leaving the water feeling refreshing and the people feeling miserable. This year, it was reasonably dry, light winds blew, and the water felt a little chilly.

That said, we enjoyed it all the same! While Nonna read on the beach, Papa and Mamma attempt not to get too wet, and the Lass... she was jumping waves, laying in the sand, and completely enjoying herself. Within a matter of hours, the child had become a beach bum or babe, depending on how you look at it.

She even met a few kids and learned how to dig for sand crabs... and I don't have a picture unfortunately.

We flew a kite, walked in the surf, jumped waves, and found a few shells. Papa even saw some sort of animal off the coast early the last morning. We are not sure if they were sharks (we think) or dolphins. What a great trip!