Sunflowers 1:08 PM

Last year the Lass and Nonna planted sunflowers. We had very tall, very
beautiful plants.

As they died, I pruned the flower from the tops of the stocks and put
them back in the pot figuring that, if nothing else, they would make
good fertilizer.

Last week the cats and I were placing some plants outside and checking
others to see if they had water when, loe and behold, we discovered that
there is a new batch of sunflowers!

The lass was very excited to find that the seeds had taken root and were
growing with great fervor.

She even found a plant growing in the rose pot. I quickly took care of
that little guy as, although I like the sunflowers, I do not take any
risks with the rose!

These are a few photos of the second generation of sunflowers!
<<P1000615.JPG>> <<P1000616.JPG>>