The Gardening Crew 1:18 PM

Once spring arrives, crews of men and women begin to appear. They are not working on the roads or the buildings. Rather, they are weeding, mowing, planting, and seeing to the variety of landscaping that dots the country.

One of the sounds of spring is the sound of the different pieces of machinery just as one of spring's smells is the fabulous and overpowering smell of mulch!

Just delightful!

Our landscaping does not require a large crew to maintain and care for it. In fact, for the most part, we enjoy letting nature and the flora take care of themselves. However, we do keep a crew on stand by, just in case!

Our resident gardening crew engages in very specific activities. They check the scent of all leaves and flowers. They protect all flora from the stray bird. Although birds rarely to never take an interest in the plants, the crew ensures that this stays the norm. They also do a bit, just a bit, of trimming.

Those plants that receive the greatest amount of attention and care by the crew are... the rose, the apple trees, and, of course, the cat nip!