The News 9:28 AM

The Lass has started reading Harry Potter 5 - she has caught up with me. I decided to refresh my memory... and now we are in a race to see who can stay ahead of the other. We are also talking more about the details of the book and what she is reading. Given the length and depth of this book, I want to see just how much she comprehends!

We also have our first rose!! I know that this is not big news to many, but for me, the master rose killer, the fact that I have managed to keep this rose alive and blooming for so long is HUGE!!

Of course, I have lots of help.

Additionally, we think that there is a pumpkin growing in the rose pot. I am going to have to try and dig it out and transplant it just to see what it is. But a pumpkin would be kind of fun!

The Lass has a new Field Guide to birds. She likes to check out the birds and then find them in her book. Shortly after she received the book, she identified a Nut Hatch! She has also learned that we never see female cardinals, just the bright red males! This was not news she enjoyed receiving. She really wants to see the female!

And that is news from us.

Happy Holiday Weekend!