Dr. Daddy To The Rescue 1:12 PM

Monday was a beautiful day.  I met the Lass at the bus stop; we went to the bank; we stopped for a treat; and then we made our way home... the long way.  Along the way home, we stopped at the pond to see what the owners had been doing to it since we last visited. 
As we left, the Lass ran her hand along an expose wood fence... and guess what happened?
She received her first splinter!
My daughter is a natural drama queen.  She is nothing if not sensitive to everything, including pain.  One would have thought that her finger was going to fall off. 
It was a fairly big sliver, but still, just a sliver. 
We arrived home, cleaned her hand, and got out the tweezers. 
While she lay on the floor so she wouldn't get sick, I stroked her hair and we chatted.  I couldn't see to get the sliver out, so she was going to give it a try herself. 
To no success.
Never fear, later that evening, Dr. Daddy arrived to rescue her from the grip of the evil splinter!
I remember having slivers removed when I was little.  There was a needle, flame for sanitizing said needle, and it took a few minutes, if that.  I don't think that it ever occurred to me to get sick, faint, lay on the floor, or even jerk my hand away.  Just as long as Grandma didn't put iodine on it, everything was fine.  
The Lass, on the other hand, was a different story.  
Fifteen minutes after the operation started the sliver came out.  She had to stop several times.  She had to have Magnum.  She had to lay on the floor.  She jerked away a few times.  The sliver broke at one point... and Dr. Daddy was a bit frustrated with his drama queen daughter!
Between the three of us and the dog, the sliver finally came out!
Thank you to Dr. Daddy, his patience and his eyes!!  The Lass didn't even remember the sliver this morning when she went to school... but let's hope she remembers it next time she wants to run her hand along a wood fence!