The Fun Walk 10:56 AM

The Lass' school sponsored a 5K race.  Prior to the 5K, people were invited to participate in a "Fun Walk." 
Due to her ballet schedule, the Lass could not participate in the 5K, but we were on board for the "Fun Walk." 
We had to be at the school before 8 in the morning to pick up our packets and our T-shirts.  We pulled ourselves out of bed, grabbed a very quick breakfast, and out the door we went.  Luckily, it had stopped raining, or I am not sure that we would have gone. 
We walked to the school - the band was playing, people were milling, and everyone seemed excited despite the weather, the wet pavement, and the threatening clouds. 
T-Shirts on, we walked to the "starting line."  I looked around me at the milling crowd of kids, parents, strollers... this would be a nice walk with my daughter; a nice way to start the weekend. 
"Let's try to win" she whispered
Then she saw the kids lined up on my left...
"I want to run!"
"I am not going to run, so if you do we will meet..." (I wish I had picked a better meeting place - more precise!)
"On your mark, get set..."
The kids prepared for the word...."GO!"
And the kids took off!!
I immediately lost sight of the Lass - she was gone like a filly leaving the blocks on Derby Day!
So much for my nice walk with my daughter!
She was in the lead pack - the lead pack that went the wrong way and followed the 5K route rather than the "Fun Walk" route. 
Yep, that's my kid. 
One of the race officials caught up with them on a bike and guided them to the route they were supposed to have taken.  
When I finally crossed the finish line, I had no idea what had happened to my daughter, where I would find her etc.  I just hoped that she had been found!
And she had.  
She ran up and gave me a great big hug before he hustled ourselves back home to prepare for ballet.  
But what happened while we were separated?
It started raining - more drizzle and mist than rain - but it was wet all the same. 
The Lass was engaged in a race for first place.  After she dashed away from the starting line, she found herself in that lead pack.  At one point it started to rain, she got hot, and removed her shirt.  (She had a flannel shirt on like a jacket).  She said that she didn't want to take the time to tie it around her waist, so she carried it in her hand.  
She ran with a few other older kids - she didn't know anyone.  One boy got a cramp in his leg so had to stop.  
She ended up finishing second, behind a girl who went the "right" way.  She ran the mile in just under 15 minutes... which isn't bad given that she has never run a race, walked part of the way, and had no idea how to regulate her breathing etc.  
She had a GREAT time!
Apparently she wasn't worn out though as she then walked two miles, did ballet for an hour, and ran about another mile or so.  
Oh, to have that much energy!