When Life Hands You Lemons... 11:50 AM


Monday morning I woke to rain but was happy to find that it had stopped shortly after the sun rose.  We were safe to walk to school/work without the umbrellas, which were left in my office a few weeks ago. 


Tuesday night the weather guys said that there was a 40% chance of light rain, but that it would end in the early morning and then clear up.  So, when I forgot to grab the umbrellas when I left work, I figured we would be safe. 


But we weren't!


The 7:18 weather report suggested the the rain would hit the metro area at 7:45.  He was a few minutes too late as it probably hit about 7:30... and we had to leave, without umbrellas. 


So, instead of umbrellas, we took the next best thing - a shower curtain! 


And together, under the curtain, we walked to school.  When we neared school, the rain was just a sprinkle, so we decided to take some pictures.


We also decided that next year for Halloween we can use our shower curtain and be a two headed ghost.  So, if it rains, we are prepared.  We can trick-or-treat anyway!