Sneaky 11:23 AM

The Lass had an interesting homework assignment this past week.  She was to write about one of her family members.  She wrote about me, but this was probably due more to the reality that, despite her telling me that she had brought home her folder and homework last week, I didn't believe her and thus, we didn't find it until last night when I was searching for something else.  It was due today. 
So she wrote about her mom.
She had to write three to five lines and use the words:  name, likes, dislikes, and special.  
She did a pretty good job. 
"My mom dislikes lies!"  (Which is 100% true)  
While she was "getting ready for bed" I did my homework.  (Not that I really had homework as it didn't ask that I do it too, but... I did it too anyway.  )
I wrote about my daughter.  
My daughter likes to explore, to go and to have adventures.  She dislikes it when things aren't fair - when people are not treated fairly.  She is special because she is amazing and beautiful.  She is talented and creative and passionate.  She doesn't walk on the ground but flies and dances with the butterflies.  I am special because she shares her life with me. 
That is some of what it said though I can't remember the exact words used. 
Now I am just wondering whether she found it or whether she read it or just turned it in...!