Here's To You My Little Love 8:08 AM

Eight hears ago today she took her first step. 
No hesitation, no frustration, no tears. 
She was nearly 8.5 months old - and ready to fly. 
Yesterday she started second grade. 
She picked her dress, did "something" to her hair, admired her newly pierced ears, and entered the school with enthusiasm. 
And my heart swelled that much more. 
Tomorrow she will start the serious study of ballet.  She had a taste of it this summer, but tomorrow she will start the "real thing."  They will do side bar - center work, and concentrate on perfect body positioning for three hours a week.
This summer I have watched the Lass maturing.  I don't often experience it as plainly as I have throughout the last few months. 
Always a feminine child, she never put much time or effort into being a girl.  And now... she wants to create new hair styles and look "just so." 
A child who feared needles from the age of three (getting physically ill after a shot etc) she bravely sat and had her ears pierced - something she has wanted since March.  (Afterward we both felt nauseous, but she loves her earrings)
She has spent hours creating birthday gifts to celebrate the end of one of my years and the beginning of another.
And I have spent those hours celebrating her achievements and confidence. 
September - a month of endings and beginnings; a month we celebrate. 
"Here's to you my little love, with blessings from above, let the day begin."