Sharing Old Friends with the Lass 9:17 AM

A long time ago there lived a series of books written by Ruth Chew. The books were lighthearted and centered upon the world of magic and witches, nice witches though. One of the books even has an invisibility type cloak!

I loved these books.

When one of them was published, I just had to have it. I would have "pre-ordered" them if I had the chance. This was when I was in the second and third grade. A friend and I would even race to see who could read the newest one fastest. They were, from what I recall, great books. (When looking for this picture I discovered that there are even more Ruth Chew than I read/have!! None of them are in print, but that doesn't mean I can't find them!)

Good enough that I kept them (okay, they were in my old closet, but we did not get rid of them)

In June, when Nonna and Papa came, they brought many of my old books. It was like saying hello to old friends. There was a book of poetry that I didn't like when Nonna gave it to me once when I was sick, and now, I remember it fondly. I even tried to find it for the Lass. I grew to love it once I read it and attempted to write using that style.

There were books that I do not remember reading but remember the covers. A book of verse from K,K, and D. A cookbook and another similar book. Mother Goose. A book about rabbit and the tooth fairy... such memories.

But the stack of Ruth Chew books was what I wanted. Seeing them was like saying hello to an old friend. I wish that I could read them again... just for the memories. Are they truly as good as I thought they were? What captivated my young mind?

I happily showed them to the Lass. She looked at them and kind of went, that's nice mom.

She clearly didn't get it. These books were worth her attention. She should be drawn to these books. She should love these books as I did when I was her age.

When Nonna and Papa left the Lass checked out the stack of books. She first selected those with the most pictures. Then the easiest. She tried the book of poetry but, like me at a younger age, she didn't truly get it though I had her read one aloud. Perhaps I will try the writing exercise with her one day so that she will find a love for the poems as i did.

She showed no interest in my Ruth Chew collection. (I might add that these are in just like new condition. They were taken care of very well!)

The Lass has a sneaky mom. (yes, I know that you all knew that) For an hour every week day, the Lass has to "nap" at camp. This means that she reads books. For the last month I have used this hour as an opportunity to expose her to different kinds of books over her preferred mysteries. She has discovered Harriet Bean (which she likes), Ellie McDoodle (she is okay and probably worth another read), and Clarice Bean (not her favorite to start though she does enjoy the books).

Yesterday she discovered Ruth Chew.

Yes, that is right, this sneaky mom took two of the precious Ruth Chew books to school for her to read.

"Try one, please. They aren't scary, I promise"
"Okay." She said it with delight. I caught her in a good mood. The day before she had refused Clarice Bean and Marley to read Dingoes and Dinnertime (Magic Tree house) which she has read a few times before.

When I picked her up...

"I read one of the books!"
"You did? Hurrah. "
"It was good!!!!"

That's right, it was "good." She read Witch's Buttons, which I believe was the first book. On the way home she reminded me of the buttons, the magic of the buttons, and the different characters.

I was and am thrilled. She is not the lover of these books that I was, but perhaps after reading another, she will be? And if she isn't that is okay. They are fun books. She likes them. I am sure she will read them all.

"Those are old books," I told her.
"As old as Nonna?"
"No, but I had them when I was your age and loved them."
"They smell old!"

Well, they are... about 30 years old, to be exact.

Today she took her Ranger Rick to school. I am not sure if she will read it or another witch book or perhaps Clarice Bean. Perhaps she will read another Magic Tree house (she has read them all).

One thing the Lass has in her genes is the love of books and reading. And, perhaps this is more important than her loving my Ruth Chew books... sigh.