It's Friday - Not Much is Happening 12:38 PM

* Witch book update - she has now read four and LOVES them. Woohoo!

School starts in just about a month - 4 weeks from Tuesday. (And no, I am not counting)

In recent years, local communities have declared "Tax Free" holidays in which families can purchase school clothes and supplies and pay no tax as long as each item is less than $100.

Thus, guess what I did this morning?

Yes, you got it. I was shopping. There is no way I could resist saving those few dollars on items for school during this tax free weekend.

The Lass and I went through this and that item ensuring that we were buying what she wanted. She has grown, just a tad, in the last few months so a few items were necessary. We did not end up buying any jeans.

It is hard to buy jeans or pants when it is 96 degrees outside and will probably be that hot for about ten more days! (Yes Papa, the AC is now on so don't worry about the grand cats!)

Let's see, we bought two dresses (one of which might be too big but will keep), a few new pairs of shorts, a couple skorts (which will probably be too big given that they are knit waists and I just thought of that right now) a few new shirts (okay more than a few because I had to buy a few white shirts to go with some of her funny colored bottoms), some new boxers to sleep in, and, if you know the Lass, you will know that a few new pair of sunglasses were required.

A girl can never have enough pairs of sunglasses!

And that was Friday! Truly not much happening.