Meet Our Dog 1:50 PM

I have a dog!!

I bet you didn't realize that I have a dog given where I live and all my cats and lack of time but, I do. I have a dog.

She is a 9 pound, fluffy, pointy eared, fluffy tailed dog.

Yes, I know that looks like a cat.

And I thought she was a cat when she came to live with us. But, looks can be deceiving. This is actually my dog, Tara.

Tara is an eight year old (nearly) cat. I honestly am not sure she knows she is a cat though. She loves to perch on the railing at the top of the stairs or lounge in the top of the kitty castle.

Beyond that, she behaves similar to a dog.

Her favorite place to be scratched is her tummy.

When it is cold, she sleeps on the bed, but in the hot weather, she sleeps on the floor next to me, just like a dog. I can reach down in the middle of the night... and there she is.

She is not a lap cat, doesn't spend a lot of time on high surfaces, and probably prefers our dog visitors to her cat cohabiters.

It is the best of both worlds - a dog that does not "bark" and uses the litter box!

Now, if I could get her to guard the house...