Blackberry Fields Forever 3:02 PM

Near our house is a little piece of county land where in lies a little creek, lots of wildlife, a running/walking trail, and...

Blackberry Bushes!!

The blackberry bushes are on county land so, they are truly ripe for the picking - when they are ripe, for the picking that is!

The berries started appearing in June. The Lass and I have kept an eye on the berries to see when, if they would ripen. The objective was to catch the ripe berries before the birds and beasts ate them.

When papa was here, he and the Lass checked the berries. They were not yet ripe.

In late July, the Lass and I checked the berries... they were Ripe!

And thus our roles were defined. I was the one testing and eating berries while she was happy to brave the pricks of the thorns to snag me a snack.

She found an amazing berry.

I wish I had my camera with me that day as this was a very large, very juicy, perfectly ripe berry!

It was delicious.

Last weekend we checked the berries again.

"Want a snack?" she asked.

I was up for a berry or two.

She peered through the leaves to see what she could find.

The pickings were, at best, slim. What was there was a bit on the over ripe side.

Alas, we found a few but I fear that, for another year, blackberry season is over.

Rest assured, we will keep an eye on them next year. Hopefully we will have equal, if not more, success.