And I Thought She Would Be Bored 10:11 AM

Last summer I asked the Lass what she wanted to do for the summer.  She responded that she wanted to go back to the camp she attended for the previous two summers - this would be her last chance. 
I worried that she would be bored at this camp, but this is what she wanted.  Maybe she needed to return to something familiar after having changed schools for first grade.  So I said ok. 
And she did get bored - in the middle of July, but she then started a week of ballet camp, so everything was fine. 
Then one of the teachers introduced the girls to the creation of paper dolls.  She made them each a doll that looked something like the girl.  Then the girls learned how to make clothes. 
At one point, the Lass would wake up each morning to make her doll clothes that matched her outfit for the day. 
I took her in one morning to learn that the Lass had taken over the previous afternoon, engaging the entire class in paper doll clothes making. 
And I was worried about her being bored! 
She didn't get bored; she just took over. 
This week she came home to inform me that she was teaching ballet.  
Yes, teaching ballet.  She has been assisting for years and will assist again this season, but she was conducting her own little ballet class at camp.  Her students were two teachers and three of the girls.  (Her best buddy - a boy - is out for the week)
"I even give them homework."
I asked one of the teachers about it yesterday.  Apparently the Lass is very strict - and detailed in her instruction.  
She has just one week left - though I am honestly curious as to what she would have invented to do were the summer to continue another month!