Wee Lass Appleseed 8:57 AM

The wee lass has a green thumb. A year ago she brought two apple seeds home from kindergarten. She wanted to plant them. I wasn't really sure what would happen. These were apple seeds from commercially produced apples; would they grow?

We planted the seeds and - they grew. Or something grew.

I asked Papa, do these look like apple trees or weeds?
He concurred with the wee lass, they are apple trees.

Thus, we have apple trees. We have two apple trees. The wee lass wants to plant them in the woods across the street so that everyone can have apples in the fall. First, we have to get them big enough to survive, then we will consider our options.

I wasn't sure that they would make it through the winter. These are trees in a house plant pot. It is not exactly a green house in my house. I am not a horticulturist in any sense of the word.

But, they grew. They have leaves. They are healthy apple trees!