A Berry Delicious Idea 10:09 AM

We are walking home from ballet Monday evening. The wee lass is happy. She is decked out in her new AZ Wildcats shirt (which she wore twice within the first week she had it) and her wildcats hat. She is one happy kid.

I am walking, she is holding my hand and doing this and that ballet move. We are chatting.

"You are sure you want sandwiches for dinner tomorrow night?"
"Yes. I have a good idea. What about chocolate covered strawberries?"
I don't know that S has ever had a chocolate covered strawberry so the thought surprises me. I am not even sure how serious she is about this idea but, I said "Yum, that is a great idea. Do you want my phone to call daddy?"
"Sure" she is beaming. "You really think it is a good idea?"
"I really do! It is a great idea."
And she calls her dad to see if it can be done.

Daddy was waiting for us when we arrived home on Tuesday. He was ready to cook. I sent the wee lass upstairs to change out of her "all white" outfit as we didn't want to decorate it with chocolate... and the two of them were ready to go.

The berries were a success! Beyond a little guidance and stove supervision, the lass prepared the strawberries herself. She was extremely proud of her accomplishment and found the results quite delicious!