The Rose 1:00 PM

There are several aspects of spring that I love - the trees and grass becoming green, the birds singing, being able to open the windows, wearing shorts, moving the plants outside, etc. Another aspect of my spring is waiting, with great anticipation to see if the rose will bloom.
The rose is an addition to our house that was provoked by the wee lass and her sensitive heart. Our neighbor had roses. She trimmed her plant and gave the lass the flowers. These were the most loved flowers. I can't remember how old the lass was, but I am thinking that she was 3.

The flowers, as flowers do, died. The lass was devastated. I attempted to explain that it is what happens etc. In the end, I decided that I would, having had no luck growing a rose in the past, attempt to grow a healthy rose bush.

With the help of Papa and Nonna, we became the proud caretakers of a tea rose. Although I do not give the rose special vitamins often or anything like that, I have to admit that I baby this plant. It is, after all, the first rose I have successfully kept alive for more than a month.

Each March I start watching for new growth and areas of green on its branches. Sometimes it seems that the leaves appear overnight. One day it is branches and limbs and then... there are leaves.

In May I start watching for buds. First one and then two and then... the bush is covered.

The buds started appearing this past weekend. We will have roses by Memorial day! Hurrah. The rose and I have survived another year together!