Memorial Day Journey 1:26 PM

This weekend we walked.

It was hot, but we walked anyway.

Each Memorial day we count the riders that we see participating in Rolling Thunder. One of these days I want to go down to the mall and see what exactly happens. It sounds quite interesting - thousands of motorcycles moving from the Pentagon to the Vietnam Memorial.

Sunday we walked to get sandwiches. First stop, Michaels. The lass said that she wanted to get some string to play cats Cradle. We walked into the store where upon she immediately went to pick out a flag.

Hum, I didn't know that she wanted a flag, but she did.

Thus, she has an American flag. She waved it at all the cars as we walked home.

She wanted to put it at half staff yesterday, but we couldn't as it is fixed to the post.

It proudly sits in our window.

She hopes the people say the Pledge or sing the Star Spangled Banner when they see it. Thus, if you come to visit, you know what you are supposed to do. You might want to start practicing!