Spring Weather... At Last 11:54 AM

The weather has been so gorgeous of late that we have been able to open the windows for the fresh air. The cats love their moments in the sun. In the mornings before work and in the afternoons when we get home, the screen door is open for easy access to the great outdoors. Phoenix and Doodles just can't get enough of the fresh air and bird sounds.

I have to admit, I am not exactly far behind them. There is something so nice about sleeping with the window open. I love waiting for the bus, strolling home, stopping to check out the goslings etc. I just love the ability to enjoy being outside. April has been so cold that, this change in weather has everyone coming outside to enjoy!

As for Doodles, she is enjoying the cooler, drier weather while she can. Once July and August arrive, she will be seeking the cold tiles inside until she matures enough to shed her winter furs! Next time you complain about being hot, just imagine wearing that coat in the heat!