Sports Day Blues 11:20 AM

The Wee Lass has been looking forward to today, Sports Day, for two weeks. She planned her outfit... an old ballet uniform on the bottom, then a sweat shirt around her waist (Duke), Her AZ baseball hat with a pony tail... she was excited.

Earlier this week she discovered that they couldn't wear a hat. That was okay as she had the rest. Then we couldn't find her Duke sweatshirt. She had to settle for her ballet school sweatshirt. Again, it was okay but the excitement was fading.

This morning I had to tell her "no" to the idea of walking around school in "just" her uniform without shorts. I also had to tell her that she might not be able to take off her ballet Tee shirt as her uniform has spaghetti straps, and that might be against the dress code.

She was sniffling... "I feel dumb"
"Why did I even wear a uniform if I can't show it"
"Sweetie, you can always ask"
"And I am all ballet."
"Well," sighing "that is what you do. Did you know that professional athletes often do ballet? It helps them do their sports a bit better."

That seemed to help a lot... and that I said I would ask Nonna to look for an AZ shirt or something for another day... and that we could see if we could find something USNA since her sweatshirt is nearly too small... and that I might see if we could find another Duke sweatshirt as hers is getting too small...

Next year, we will be prepared!