Reading Chester 9:14 AM

We have listened to audio books before bedtime from the time S was quite little. A few years ago I bought the audio version of Bunicula. She refused to listen to it as it "looks scary."

Now the library sends her audio books for us to listen to at night. She loves this. A few months ago they sent... Bunicula. I convinced her that it was worth giving it a try. Thus began our love for Chester, Harold, and even Howy.

We are currently listening to The Celery Stalks at Midnight. I took the paperback version of the book off the shelf to "read along" with the CD. S wanted to see if there were pictures, which there are a few. She turned to the last page of the excerpt from Nighty Nightmare and started reading... then she started reading out loud...

Suddenly her voice changed to a scratchy, superior sound..."Harold..." It was just too funny... She said "Did I sound like Chester?" And started reading more of Chester's lines. We were both laughing so hard that she had to stop reading.

Soon after S started reading sentences and paragraphs, she started adding animation to her reading. It is quite fun to listen to her read out loud. Attempting to take on the voice of Chester, as heard on the CD, was just too much.

We highly recommend Bunicula books... and the CD version is fabulous!