Whose Daughter is This? 10:22 AM

Last week S had to develop a list of words that began with the letter W or WH. She did this, with me providing clues and her guessing. She did it by herself for a while before she became frustrated.

One of the words was whom. We talked about it a little and the conversation ended.

Last night she asked if "whom" was really a word. I said yes and explained that it went with a preposition. as in "To Whom" or "From Whom." She said, but what about who... can it go anywhere? I told her no that Who had to follow the rules of English sentence structure, but it didn't need a preposition as does Whom.

This morning she informed me that "whom" is not a word. She has elected to forget that it exists. Thus, "whom" has joined "pout" as English words that She says do not truly exist despite their use throughout the language of those around her and in the books she reads.

Now, do tell me, where did this, barely 7 year old, child come from? Or (From wince did this, barely 7 year old, child come?)