Score One for the Tooth Fairy 2:28 PM

The Lass lost a tooth yesterday morning, this makes number 7. Thankfully she just has a few more to lose!. I do note that I keep a dollar bill or two on hand "just in case" as I have been caught unprepared in the past.

So here is the conversation when we got home last night:

Mamma, is the tooth fairy real or do parents put the money in the tooth box

An interesting question. What do you think?

A long conversation followed. She finally decided that there is a tooth fairy and to bed she went.

Now, one would think that, after this conversation, I would remember to get up and help the fairy out a bit as the tooth box is in a Phoenix proof location. Nope, not me. I was exhausted and slept right through the alarms etc.

Thus, I found myself in the shower hearing S telling me something only to learn that the tooth fairy forgot to come last night!
Being the great parent that I am, I attempted to figure out how to get out of this situation. She saw a dollar on the shelf (the stash for such occasions) and asked if the tooth fairy had left it. I said, perhaps... and she said... no really , did she leave it. I had to tell her no. So I threw her in the shower thinking... I can have daddy run by (hopefully) and do something - a note - or I can see if I can do something before we leave the house.

While she was in the shower, I helped the fairy out. The thought was that she wouldn't check until bedtime and then... wow, the fairy came while she was at camp. But no... that is not how my little one works. She got out of the shower and checked the box. She was so excited that the fairy had come while she was in the shower... and I added, while I was washing her hair!

Again the question, did you do it or did the tooth fairy come? I told her that it is something she has to decide for herself. She chose the fairy for now. I know that she knows the truth and am kind of glad that the truth is in there, somewhere. She won't feel as if I lied to her when she allows herself to "know" the truth of the matter.

I am just happy to see she only has about five more teeth to lose!! ;)

And so, that was my least S went to school happy and able to report that "yes, the tooth fairy did come" when her friends ask.