The Chosen 6:36 PM

The theater moves around us as people of all ages find their seats and merrily chat to their neighbor. We sit in the front row, the stage just before us serving as footrest if we so desire. It is a theater in the round and we are "right there" with the actors.
At 11:00 the show begins, and I am transported back to high school when I lost myself in the story of two boys living within five blocks of one another in Brooklyn, New York. It is 1944, WWII is nearing its end, and Danny hits a baseball into Ruven's eye beginning their adventure together as students and as friends.
I am not sure how many times I read The Chosen or how many times it enchanted me with its story and its characters... and this morning, in the theater in South East DC, I was transported once again. The acting was amazing, the script followed the story well, and the show was, in every way, fabulous.

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Stephanie McCabe said...

It's wonderful when a text we love is translated to the big screen.