New Technology and Being Grateful for a Service Package 2:57 PM

"It is nearly too warm," I think as I sit, back to the rain just beyond the plate glass window. Computer on my lap, I attempt to find peace and quiet despite the activity and noise of the young boy restlessly waiting to join the adult yoga class.
The screen of the lap top goes black.
I am stunned. "Did I hit a button?"
I hit the power button to watch and spring back to life...Only to have it go black again a few minutes later.
Sitting back, I decide that it just needs a few minutes rest. This new computer has just returned from the shop so it is unlikely to still have issues... right?
After a few minutes, I hit power again, check the battery, find that there is 50% left, and do a proper "shut down."
I know that within a few hours i will be back on the phone setting up an appointment to have this issue addressed.
And I once again am grateful for the purchase of that long term service package - You just never know with new technology!

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Nora said...

I liked your line about your moment of being stunned when your computer goes awry. That's exactly what you feel. Good luck