Paradox 3:36 PM

Beach towels were spread around the edge of the black top. Kids chattered, parents wandered, and the sun shone brightly putting the books on display squarely in their own spotlights.
Throughout the month of February, the grade set forth upon a quest - each student researching and writing a non-fiction book. Topics ranged from animals to people and everything in between. Each student chose the amount of work - some added an index while others a glossary... and everyone had pictures.
I sat on my daughter's towel flipping through her book and listening to her best friend read about dolphins to her dad. The bright blue sky offered endless possibilities as it reached from horizon to horizon. Listening to the chatter, enjoying the sun and the gorgeous day, I found it difficult to blieve that just hours earlier my office learned of the loss of our contract proposal meaning that within weeks, most of us will be unemployed.

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teacherdance said...

I'm sorry about your job. My only words from the past that have meant something to me is that when a door closes, so often a better one opens. May that be true for you.