These Shoes Were Made for Walking 2:54 PM

I walk.

Okay, that is an understatement. It might be more accurate to say that I hike. Everyday, three miles minimally. I walk. As close to 365 days of the year as I can get barring holidays and vacations.

Walking is a part of my lifestyle adopted while living in Europe.

Today it was time to replace the sandal walking shoes – the shoes that I wear as much as humanly possible during the year.

“Wow” the salesman commented as he gazed down at my shoes.

“Yes, I need to replace them.” I commented as I looked at the various shoes and informed him of the size needed.

“I have never seen a pair like that.”

True, my shoes are in quite a state. They have walked through rain and puddles. They have shared fun races and have jumped and danced in various environments. They have walked in sand, through wooded areas where sidewalks are found miles away, and in several cities in the US. These shoes have walked – they were made for walking after all. One day I might calculate just how many miles I wear a pair of shoes.

“I don’t have another pair like that, but I can have them shipped to you. Let me show you the new style though.”

I am always up for something new… and change is good.

Five minutes later I walked out wearing a new pair of shoes; a different style but one that promises the same comfort and foot experience.

I thin this year I will keep track of my miles!

I am now prepared for summer – new shoes, lots of smiles, a great kid…

Spring – bring it on!!