A Sandwich and a Smile 10:57 AM

My daughter loves her Subway sandwich for lunch.

We crossed the parking lot in the early morning hoping that the shop was open as some shops open before 10, right?

“Do you think they forgot to put on the open sign?”

I considered the possibilities of that happening. Unlikely. Then the chances of getting her the sandwich… higher as we would just take it to her later.

“Check the door,” I suggested.


“What are the hours?”

She looked to find that they open at 10.

“We will drop it off for you later.”

Together we started walking back through the plaza center toward the parking lot.

“Do you want something?” a voice called from behind us

We turned to find one of the women from behind the Subway counter. She invited us back, pulled out the sandwich fixings, and prepared a sandwich for us.

I am continually amazed at the kindness of those around us. It was a wonderful way to start the morning.

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Mary said...

I really liked how you focused your post on the random of act of kindness that was extended to you! It's always wonderful to hear tales of these!