Summer Vacation 9:13 AM

We had a fun filled summer vacation this past June with lots of new adventures and sites never before seen.  

We started in one of our favorite vacation spots – Chincoteague.  There is nothing like getting up close and personal with nature on this island.  The beach is lovely.  There aren’t lots of people.  Best of all, this year there was very little humidity!  That is something worth celebrating in itself!

Papa, the Lass and I took long morning walks along the beach giving Nonna time to relax and enjoy some personal time.  We walked miles with the sand in our toes and the waves washing against our legs.  There is nothing like the ocean to remind one how small we are and how large the world.  

The Lass learned how to truly enjoy the waves, running along the beach, jumping and playing in them, and finding herself in love with the water.  She also built a sand castle that rivaled any ever built!

We enjoyed great food, good company, and nature.  The Lass even tried her hand at making homemade ice cream with the help of Nonna and Papa.  Books were read, laughter was shared, and we each took a few deep breaths in an attempt to let the world  stay safely behind us so that we could each relax in our own ways.