What We Teach Grows Stronger Within Us 10:43 AM

“Remember, people can love one another and never see each other.  They can not live together, not talk,  not be a part of one another’s lives… and still love one another very much.  Love is something that we give freely.  No expectations.  Love is just… love.”  This is what I told my daughter last night as tears streamed down both our cheeks.

Our conversation moved from topic to topic before I brought it back to the original, just to impress the idea of love knowing no restrictions in her mind.  I continued, “Love is…”

She interrupted “I know, I know.  Love is unconditional and we give it without ever expecting anything in return.”

I had to smile.  Have I brainwashed my daughter or what!

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That's the kind of brainwashing we all need!