Superman is Not Real 1:00 PM

My 9 year old stands before the bathroom mirror examining her stomach. I am not sure if she is similar to other girls her age, but my daughter is very aware of her body. Perhaps this is a product of years spent studying the Vaganova method of ballet? Or maybe it is just her.

“Superman is not real.”

I have no idea what she is on about this time. I just know that she needs to be getting ready over flexing and such in the mirror. “No, he is not real.”

“Want to know how I can tell?”

Now this promises to be good. I bite back a few comments – because he is in movies and/or is drawn with pen and ink? Because he can fly? Because he has powers a human just doesn’t. Instead, I indicate that yes, I would like to know why.

“Look at my stomach.” She flexes her stomach muscles. “See the way I am standing?”


“For Superman to have the stomach muscles they show him with, he would have to stand like this all the time. He doesn’t stand like this all the time.”

“You’re right. He flies and such.”

“Yes, they draw him with his arms out like this… See, you can’t see my stomach muscles.”

I have no idea where she comes up with these thoughts and ideas. She continued her flexing as she got ready. I resumed the ever present dialog in my mind… Is this really my kid??

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GirlGriot said...

I love this. How wonderful that she is so aware of her body and how it works (surely thanks to her ballet lessons) that she would even notice such a thing and go check it out! Fabulous.

It will be interesting to see how this translates: as she gets older, will that same body awareness help her see the fakeness in the images of female beauty that will be thrown at her from all directions? I sure hope so!