Preparing for the Season 6:45 AM

"You look young in that." My daughter pipes from beside me as we both examine the fit of the swimming suit in my bathroom mirror.

"I do?"

"Yes,, your back is bare."

"Yes it is. And that makes me look young?" I could care less about the back as I examine just how plunging the front appears.

"Why do you need a suit anyway. You don't swim."

She is right as I gave up swimming when she started swimming with friends. The pool became a kid zone - not big enough for adults and shreaking, splashing, tag playing, racing, and handstanding kids.

"I don't swim, but I need to be prepared in case I want to!"

3 Thoughts:

LiteracyTeacher said...

How old is she?

BK said...

Hmmm, when did I give up swimming? I remember as a kid, wondering why adults wore bathing suits and didn't swim. Now it's me too,

Virginia Belle said...

She is 9 - and won't be 10 for a while!! (she acts more like 13 sometimes)

I didn't even bother with the suit last year. The pool was all about kids. This year, well, I might try the suit!