Just Perhaps 7:48 PM

It is 11:15 in the morning. I sit, at my desk, listening to an interview about the Cold War and the Middle East. I sit waiting for my head to clear and for a burst of energy to work its way into my blood stream. My inbox is full of information waiting to be compiled into a report. A teammate is waiting for said report. And I sit at my desk waiting for my mind to clear.

The conversation turns to Russia and Iran. My hip aches from my fall on black ice this morning. My body seems to want to sleep. Yet, I have to work. I have to soldier on and empty my inbox - compile the report - move forward rather than standing still.

The smell of my steeping ginger peach tea begins to fill my office. Perhaps this is the magic elixir that will bring my energy. Perhaps the spice of the ginger and the sweet of the peach will lift both my mind and my spirits. Just perhaps.

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Shubitz said...

A lot of people seem to be falling lately. Be careful and stay safe!