Crunch 10:40 AM

I sit craving a Crunch. Last week I had a Crunch and loved it. It was the first full sized Crunch I have had in years. The idea of having another has popped into my head now and again.

And now, I want one.

I really want a Crunch. The taste of the chocolate and the toasted rice… yum...

I ignore the desire to find money and run downstairs. It is a candy bar. I do not need a candy bar. There is plenty of food to eat that is not candy.

But we aren’t talking candy; we are talking the crispy fun of a Crunch.

I give in. I find some dollar bills and make my way down 12 flights of stairs to the little store in the lobby of my building. I hit the candy aisle. I look and look for the Crunch. I know it is here. I am sure it is just where I am looking; right in front of my nose. I look. I methodically go through each shelf. I look in boxes and at the front of the boxes.

No Crunch!

I am here, I want something, now what to get?

My mind is blank. I wanted the toasted rice snap with the chocolate found in a Crunch.

I settle for a Twix. I love Twix, but today I wanted a Crunch.

I walk back up the 12 flights of stairs. Today just isn’t my day.