Running 11:11 AM

“I don’t want to run!” The Lass buried her head beneath the quilt in hopes that I would stop bugging her and let her return to the land of nod.

No chance baby girl. You committed to this running program and run is what you will do! With the help of the cats, I pulled her out of bed and fed her in order to get her and her body moving.

A mile walk to school and then… she is off. She is in training for a 5K run. I don’t know that I have seen any improvement since she started this training program, but she is having fun. That is what counts. (She was running just under 2 miles before she started training… just for the fun of it)

“Were you active when you were younger?” I was asked a few weeks ago as we walked behind the running kids – mine in the lead. I wasn’t inactive, but compared to her… no, I wasn’t active. I don’t know that I know any kids that are as active as she is.

In a given week, this year, the Lass will run about 4 miles, do her ballet classes for about 6 hours, and walk at least 2 miles a day. I look at her and all she does and wonder why she doesn’t fall asleep at 7 out of pure exhaustion, but she doesn’t. She is full of energy from the moment food hits her tummy to the moment her eyes close and she falls asleep.

And all this is a means of explaining why I have not written in a while. We have been running – her literally; me figuratively. We have been on the move since school started.

Happy fall!!