What is a Beautiful Building in Your Community? 10:14 AM

This is the question that the Lass had to answer for her homework. 
"I need help.  There aren't any beautiful buildings around here."
And she is right about that.  There really aren't any beautiful buildings, at least from an architectural stand point. 
I was a good mom, I didn't offer any suggestions.  Instead, I asked her to consider her community.  How far does it extend.  She stopped and considered and suggested that maybe some of the buildings in DC were beautiful.  And maybe they are but that might be a bit beyond her community. 
She took a break and I bit my tongue.  Could I suggest that she seek a new and different definition of beauty?  A definition that considered the features of an entire building over the external view alone?
I considered how I might answer the question.  Definitely our house.  Our house is beautiful for its gift of shelter and warmth and for all that happens within its walls.  Or my office building?  Sure, it is not exactly any different than other offices in the area but it is the building that houses my job.  My job is definitely something for which we are grateful.  The building, therefore, has its own beauty.  Along the same lines, her school is beautiful or even her ballet studio.  The former is more aesthetically pleasing than the latter but they both offer beauty and enrichment to their students.  Beauty from the inside out!
She settled on the historic house across the street.  This historic house stands lone in the midst of modernity.  It is odd to think that the land where we live and for miles in any direction, once belonged to this house.  It, like our home, has a history and a beauty that perhaps is not evident at first glance, but it is beautiful all the same. 
She drew a wonderful picture.  It was a great choice.