Curious 1:32 PM

"I don't think that everyone finds their life to be interesting."
My daughter stuns me into silence sometimes with her choice of topics. Sometimes it is a repeat of the same conversation we have enjoyed numerous time and then, out of the blue, she will mention something like the aforementioned statementI know that this is something that she has pondered for a while.  It is something that she now feels ready to talk about.
"Why do you say that?" I asked my attention fully capture by the topic and what she wants to say. I am intrigued as to what she is thinking.
"C tells me that I am always doing something interesting. I rock climb, I try new things, I travel...She says that she never does anything interesting. But when she has the chance, she doesn't take it. Like at my birthday party, she came but she didn't want to rock climb. Now she really wants to try but there isn't an opportunity."
As I feel concern regarding how differently my daughter lives her life and the vast amount of things she experiences, and how that makes her a little different than the average kid in our neighborhood, she is appreciating how interesting her life is