That's My Girl 11:01 AM

The day came... and the day went.  She didn't remember that she could remove her "starter earrings" 1 December.  There was just too much going on with the Nutcracker and ballet. 
But... she did remember when a package arrived that contained earrings for her birthday... and I didn't realize that the package contained earrings so I let her open an early birthday present...
On 13 December, she took out her old earrings before school and prepared to put on a freshly cleaned pair of new earrings. 
I pulled out the studs... she lay down on the floor as she felt ill. 
She put in the first earring (the right)... which took about fifteen minutes as she kept having to lie on the floor as she felt ill. 
"You can't think about it."  I told her, "You just have to push it through and move on."
Thirty minutes later I convinced her to get dressed and have breakfast.  She could try the left again before we left... and she did... and she didn't get it in. 
"I will go to school with one earring so that people know how hard it is!"
On our way to school she mentioned that her friends last year, who are now in 3rd grade, let their ears close.  Ahha... had I known this, we might not have tried to change earrings so soon or on a school day. 
When I picked her up at the bus stop she informed me that her earring came out when she was taking off her sweatshirt.  "Now I understand how you lost yours!"  She was thrilled to share this knowledge with me.  She felt older, I am sure. 
Last night we retrieved her starter earrings from the cleaning solution.  She cleaned her ears and then put the right earring in.  She doesn't want her ears to close and I don't want her to get an infection... so we are going to take the earring changing thing a bit more slowly than most. 
She attempted to put her left earring in... no success. 
"Do you want to try one more time?"
She nodded. 
Hop up on the counter.  She did and... she did it!!  Her left earring went in as easy as pie!
We were both totally and absolutely thrilled! 
Backs locked in place, she cleaned the earrings again and settled into bed to read a book. 
The day's adventure was over, I wonder what will happen next!