Picture Day 9:33 AM

This past week was picture week.  
The Lass picked out her outfit (a blue dress) and had her hair trimmed.  She spent minutes before the bathroom mirror working on her smile - it had to be just right.
She was ready for the big event.  
When picture day arrived, it was the coldest day of the fall so far.  If that wasn't enough, it rained for the first time in weeks.  Through the wet and cold we trudged.  Despite the conditions, she was ready.  
"Don't forget to comb through your hair..."
"Yes... "
"Have a good day," I called as I dropped her off.  I knew that, if she didn't try too hard, she would take a great picture - she always does.  
After school she told me about her picture.
"Did you smile."
"Yes, I thought about 'oh my leg!'"
We chuckled.  Drover is a funny dog (Hank the Cowdog book series character)
"They tried to comb my hair straight.  I told them 'No thank you.  My mom likes it puffy'"
"You did,"  I was a bit surprised.  I think I said that I just wanted her to look like herself.  "They had combs there?"  This I found interesting as the school district has been working through a lice problem.  I can't imagine them allowing the kids to all use the same combs. 
"Yes.  They had combs in a box.  I saw C use one and then another kid use the same comb.  My hair was perfectly clean, lice free, and I was happy.  No way am I going to use that comb!"
"Did you tell them that?"  I hoped that she did as it was a funny statement, although quite true. 
"No, I just said it in my mind."
Ahha, so, in typical kid fashion she made the right call regarding the comb for the right reasons and... blamed it on mom and a different reason entirely... and that is okay with me!
Can't wait to see the picture.