Written this past summer... 8:28 AM

Enter "Super Mom"
And a week of playing super hero begins. 
There are weeks in the Lass' life that require me to dig my cape out of the closet, wipe away the dust, shake out the spiders and cobwebs, and perform necessary pre-flight checks to ensure that it is ready for action. 
I then go through box after box to locate the skimpy strapless uniform and tights... and the heals because this super mom doesn't wear boots.  Upon surveying the uniform for holes, snags, and general appearance, I must find the little belt and hair bobble because, if you must know, those are the secrets to my power. 
Upon completing these preparatory  tasks, I prepare my mind for the mental gymnastics and scheduling nightmares that created the need for "super mom" to  step in and take control of the situation. 
It always comes down to one thing... BALLET
Honestly and truly I can't complain as were the Lass an avid swimmer, I would live and breathe the "super mom" persona.  She is a good swimmer, but swimming requires her to put her face in the water thus eliminating her ability to laugh.  A Lass without laughter is just not the Lass.  
I breathed a sigh of relief, as you might imagine, when she elected not to take up swimming as her activity.  That was, however, before I knew that ballet could be nearly as challenging.  
This week I am slammed at work, the Lass has ballet camp for four hours smack dap in the middle of the day, and my arrangements for her to be driven by a recently graduated high school girl fell through.  
Thus, "Super mom" flies to the rescue!!
each morning I will wash the Lass' hair in order to make the tightest ponytail possible, attempt to get her to eat some kind of protein  (requiring super will I might add) and then race her to her day camp before I go into the office for a minute or two.  I will then jump off my tall building, land on her little building and sweep her to Subway to secure a "power lunch" befitting of a young dancer engaged in intense ballet activity in a nearly private lesson, then we will bound to the ballet academy where I will create the unbeatable bun (those curls are my arch enemy at times) and leave her in the hands of the ballet master.  A quick stop for a rejuvenating coffee then back to the office where I will move mountains in a very short period of time before I do more super feats to retrieve her from ballet, return her to day camp, and land safely back in my office.
I might as well not even bother working as the most difficult aspect of all of this is making the mental leap from this to that in short periods of time.    
By Sunday, "Super mom" is going to need a much needed vacation!  (She will return again the week prior to Nutcracker to perform amazing pre-performance feats)