Last Day of Ballet Camp 3:45 PM

Woohoo, it is Friday!

This "Super mom" is "super" tired!

Today is the last day of ballet camp. The last day I will leap tall buildings and race against time to ensure the Lass' timely arrival at ballet camp and then back at day camp. I am so very excited.

On Wednesday I ran into a coworker in the hall as I returned from the ballet camp drop-off.
"The Things you do..."

Yes, the things I do for this little girl... sometimes even I am mystified. The Lass can look back at her life and my actions and know that, regardless of what happens, I supported her dreams. However, that is not why I do what I do... so that she can appreciate it later or because it makes me look like a great mom.

I do it all simply because the Lass loves to dance.

And it is honestly that simple. This is not my dream, my dream for her, or something that I push. Dancing is her dream, her passion. She says "ballet is in my heart." That, well, is enough reason for me to do what I can to ensure that she can work to make her dream a reality.

Camp has been difficult on both of us. Not only am I exhausted, hungry (being Super mom is difficult) and frustrated with my lack of time doing work - the Lass is tired. By the time we arrive home, we are both somewhat cranky!

Daddy asked if camp was "required."

I thought that this was an interesting question. Camp is not required, but encouraged. The class above hers could not start point in the fall if they did not attend summer camp. Yesterday one of them proudly displayed her first pair of point shoes. She was so excited. But for the Lass , this camp is not required.

naturally, one suggests that if the camp were not required, why exhaust ourselves to the extent that we have? Why didn't I just say no due to work and timing of the camp etc?

Even though the camp was not required, it is highly suggested that the dancers enroll. But, even if it weren't highly suggested, the Lass would want to do it.

"I wish camp would last all July..."

Camp was not a requirement, exactly but for the Lass it was a must.

Yes, I am exhausted. I have stacks of work awaiting my attention. I have had to put up with a cranky kid all week - who has had to put up with a cranky mom.

Yet, to hear her talk, this camp was the best part of her summer.

She has learned new steps, new stretches, and increased her musicality. She can now spell complicated French ballet terms off the top of her head and has proven herself to the teacher. She has accepted instruction and praise.

"Ms. L said I have worked really hard this week!"

Her confidence as a dancer has increased greatly just in the last 5 days. She is starting to believe, once again, that she is good.

Work can wait. I can suffer through the heat and humidity. We can deal with short tempers and feeling tired in the morning. This week, this summer camp, has been worth every second.

(oh yes, I learned something too - dancers eat special foods which do not include cheese or yogurt - I wish Ms L had said that dancers eat lots of vegetables as then I might have been able to get the Lass to eat hers!)