That's My Kid 11:15 AM

Yesterday I sat in the waiting room listening to the Lass giggle and laugh with the  orthodontic assistants for forty minutes.  She is in the beginning stages of having an expander made  to adjust her cross bite.    How many people, adults or  kids, laugh their way through such an appointment?  She had bands fit, molds taken, and she giggle and laughed, and entertained. 
While she was laughing, I was ordering dinner, attempting to call someone with whom I could chat, and finally just settling into the idea that for, the next thirty minutes, I could sit peacefully and enjoy the sound of her giggles and happiness. 
After a while I found myself smiling, "that's my kid."  I had no idea what was happening in the back, but she was happy.  (There was no gas involved, by the way.)
The Lass has a happy heart and a joyful spirit.  My dad thinks that this is as striking and captivating as (if not more than) her looks.  She, unlike me, can not melt into a crowd or turn into the fabulous fly on the wall.  She exudes energy.  She laughs, entertains, helps, and is interested in everything that the world around her offers. 
As a parent, I always love my daughter, but there are times in which I am overwhelmed by that love.  While I sat there, listening to her chatter away, I was consumed with love for this child.  There are times when I have no idea how such a child could be my daughter.  We are just so different.  I am so thrilled that she is mine.  
When the appointment finally ended, she came bouncing out of the back balloons in hand as if she had just been to the zoo or a playground.  She was ready to move on to the next adventure, and I was happy to join her.