Stressed 8:45 AM


I am beyond stressed!

The ache starts at the base of my skull this morning when I realized that I had messed up on the time of the Lass' appointment this morning scheduling a ride and company for 1:00 rather than 10:00.


We could do it. We could find another ride or we could catch a cab. Honestly, we could do it.

My stress is effecting the Lass. She was fine, nearly excited - after all, in March she will get a blue butterfly retainer. What is there not to be excited about??

But I am stressed.

We snapped at one another as we left the house.

At 9:40 I finally contacted the coworker who was going to help us out - luckily, she still can.

But I am not pretty much incapable of moving my head - my neck is so tight.

Relief will most likely not come until I find out if I can, on my own, turn the key that will expand the device in her mouth...

I am scared; I am so very stressed!