Why is it Called Grease anyway? 9:49 AM

When I was about the age of the Lass, I was introduced to Grease while staying with K, K, and D in Phoenix. I don't remember watching the movie but K had a book with the words to the songs and pictures from the movie. (House on Northview... loved that yard!)

Ah, those were the summers - they had an amazing pool with cartoon sea creatures painted on the pool floor and walls. I loved that pool. I believe there was a treasure chest (?) either at the drain or on the steps. I wish the Lass could swim in such a pool - diving board and all.

One of those summers I discovered Grease. This summer I have shared it with the Lass, who loves musicals.

Her first musical was the Sound of Music, which she loves. She could watch/listen to it over and over again. I like Sound of Music, but there is a point when I just can't watch it or listen to the music anymore. I have come close to reaching this point. Each time I come close, the Diva finds something new to enjoy.

After Sound of Music, Mary Poppins entered the picture.

There was a brief time spent with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but we lost the DVD (honestly, I can't find it and didn't intentionally lose it)

The Lass sings songs from both Julie Andrews movies - and does it, I think, without realizing she is doing it. The music has become a part of her personality - the sound track of her mind.

And now it is Grease.

"I don't want to watch that."

"Seriously? It is a musical."

"No, I am going to go and play Polly Pockets."

However, there is only so much Polly one can play and the draw of a "musical" is just too strong for her to resist.

When she returns to school in September she will be singing about Summer Nights, Hopelessly Devoted to Math, Needing a Man to carry her lunch tray,and entertaining her music teacher with the gibberish of We Belong Together.

And I will be seeking a new musical and anticipating the beginning of Nutcracker rehersals and the sounds of Tchaikovsky.