A Perfect Sunday with Family, Fun and a Kite 11:39 AM

Everyone needs a day to relax. Yesterday, for all of us, was just such a day. Nonna and Papa arrived on Saturday evening. We went out for a fun dinner and then found ourselves not falling into bed until late. Sunday was a day to relax!

We got up, had breakfast, and hit the road for a short day trip west (just an hour out of the metro area, if that). Upon our arrival, our day of relaxation began. We soaked up some sun, the slower pace, and some history. We then hopped back in the car to start the return trip. About halfway back we stopped at another historical site where we spent a few hours simply enjoying the weather and great outdoors.

We found a field in a state park that served well for attempting to fly our new kite!There wasn't a lot of wind, but enough for a trial run. Following a few kite lessons, Nonna and her granddaughter traveled across the field to the playground where S played for a few hours... and successfully jumped out of the swing, surprising herself as well as the rest of us.

It was a picture perfect day!