A Snowy morning visitor? 4:23 PM

Today was our early morning as S has her Spanish class. Off we went, tramping through the snow. It is a mile journey to work which includes a brief walk through county wooded land. Last fall S saw a few deer, some interesting birds etc. It is a nice way to start each of our days; a walk through nature.

This morning it was... a visitor. There were interesting tracks in the snow. Hum, what animal could have made such a track? Her first guest (as I am trying to get her to move down the road as she is already running late) was a small dog. This was quickly discarded as the "paw" print was not correct. She determined that it was a deer.

I thought deer hibernated. She informed me that some do. Apparently our neighborhood deer are the exception? She decided that we would check again on our way home. You know, do some closer and not rushed examination. Of course, this thought was after she said that she would "show them to Papa in late March for his opinion." (Remember, these tracks are in the snow) I reminded her that the snow would melt. So, she is satisfied with attempting to examine them this evening. I didn't mention that it would be 50F outside today so the tracks may disappear. It will be fun to try and find them all the same.

A scientist in the making!